Can you afford to survive?

Canadians are hearing more and more about Critical Illness Insurance. However, what most people don’t realize is that, while several types of insurance are needed for financial security, Critical Illness Insurance is the only one that can literally save your life.

We have a great video explaining what it is and how it works right here.

Calling the purchase, of Critical Illness Insurance, a life and death situation may seem dramatic, but for some people it is exactly that. Take this story for example. The woman in this story was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer. Doctors said there was nothing they could do and she was given 4 months to live. She has 2 young children and was not willing to give up fighting. She realized that no treatment, in her home country, didn’t mean there was no treatment available anywhere in the world. As great as our healthcare is, sometimes it takes years for a new treatment to be approved. She found a new type of treatment being done in Turkey and, after her first 5 treatments, the main tumour in her abdomen has almost gone and others in her liver and on her spine have shrunk dramatically. A secondary tumour in her lungs has, also, completely gone. Unfortunately, she had already paid over $100,000 for the first 5 treatments and money was running out, she would not be able to complete her treatments.

Luckily, due to the success the treatment was having, friends, family and even strangers donated to help pay for the remaining treatments. Without the initial capital she had available, she would not be with us today. Her children would have lost their mother at only 14 and 12 years of age. I suggest everyone ask themselves, "If I find myself in a similar situation am I willing to give up when the doctors say I am out of options, or do I want to fight?" If you are a fighter, can you actually afford to survive? At a time like this, a fighting spirit and strong willpower isn’t enough on its own: Sometimes it comes down to money. If you do not have the liquid cash available, you need to take a serious look at Critical Illness insurance before it's too late.

We pay for home insurance, car insurance, even extended warranties on the TVs we buy, all to protect STUFF, things that might be tough to lose but are essentially replaceable. Isn’t it time to buy the only insurance that could actually save your life? There are many different features and types of policies available so there is a plan that can fit almost anyone’s budget. Feel free to contact our office to have your needs assessed and find the plan that fits your lifestyle.